North Shore Business Groups Initiate “Mask-Up” Campaign

Business Groups Work Together to Fight COVID-19, promote health and sustain local businesses.

(Glen Cove, NY)  Since the beginning of the pandemic, The Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce, The Glen Cove Downtown BID The Glen Cove Downtown BID, The North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce The North Shore Hispanic Chamber of CommerceThe Gold Coast Business Association and the Glen Cove InterAgency Council have been meeting regularly to share information and explore avenues to help local businesses and nonprofits cope with the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on the local business community. Through weekly virtual meetings, representatives of the groups have been able to stay abreast of the small business guidance and loan resources in order to disseminate this information to their members.

Now they are poised to take the next step in promoting health, safety and business resilience through their “Mask-Up” campaign. As some businesses have re-opened under New York State’s four-phase plan, they are seeing signs of life back in the community. However, they are troubled by the number of people they see in the community who are not following the health guidelines and laws enacted to prevent the spread of the virus. Business owners and members of the groups are concerned by the large numbers of people who are not wearing masks and observing social distancing. They are concerned that the lack of compliance with these important health measures will trigger spikes in numbers forcing relapse and future shutdowns which local businesses cannot sustain.

Lisa Cohn, president of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce stated “Even if we have no fear or concern it sends a message to our fellow businesses, workers and customers that we care about them. We all have value & all lives matter so let’s show it by wearing a mask.

Gold Coast Business Association president Steve Warshaw commented on the need to wear masks stating, “Masks are necessary to protect both of us.  It’s simple and it works.  It’s the law, and the patriotic thing to do right now.  It shows you care about others, and if we all wear them when in close proximity – we’ll get through this fine”.

The groups enlisted the help of RXR Volunteer RXR Volunteer. A digital and graphic artist designed the artwork for the campaign. The groups will now begin a campaign to remind people of the importance of wearing a mask using social media, email, lawn signs and public service announcements to be broadcast online.

RXR Volunteers is a platform developed by RXR , the real estate developer, owner and operator to help connect local nonprofits and small businesses affected by COVID-19. It pairs volunteers from the RXR community of employees, tenants, vendors, partners, investors and friends with those businesses in need of their assistance.  There is no fee for eligible businesses and groups to use their services.