A Message from DPW:

Snow Removal

  • Please shovel sidewalks in front of your home.
  • If you live on a corner, please shovel an opening from the sidewalk to the street.
  • Don’t shovel or blow your snow into the street.
  • If you hire a private snow removal company, be sure they do not deposit snow on public property.
  • Clear a space for trash cans so sanitation workers can access them.
  • If you have a storm drain near your home, keep it clear of snow, ice and debris so that melting snow will be able to drain.
  • Clear away snow and ice from fire hydrants so the Fire Department can access them in the event of an emergency.
  • Please refrain from parking within 15 feet of an intersection to allow plows to make the turn.
  • If possible, please stay off the roads during a Snow Emergency to permit ease of plowing operations.