Buffalo Shooting response from Mayor Panzenbeck

As we are all well aware, on Saturday, May 14th, a young man identified as Payton S. Gendron was arrested, taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder for a mass shooting that took place in Buffalo, NY, at a Tops Supermarket. Ten people were killed and three others injured. Eleven of the victims were black.  Gendron described himself as a white supremacist and was reported to have written a manifesto spewing support for the “Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory.  The incident is being investigated as racially motivated and an act of domestic terrorism.

Our sincere and heartfelt sympathy is extended to all of the innocent people who went on a trip to the market and were senselessly and tragically gunned down.

As a result of this despicable act of hate, Mayor Panzenbeck reached out to our Glen Cove Police Department.   The GCPD is always responsive to the needs of our community. Out an abundance of caution, it was decided that officers will be assigned to increase patrol and perform checks regularly at potentially vulnerable houses of worship.   These additional patrols will be carried out for the next few weeks and the police will continue to be vigilant thereafter.

Racism will not be tolerated. We stand together as a community to reject discrimination at any level.  We pray for all the innocent victims. God Bless.