Telephone Scam Targeting The Glen Cove Community.

Over the fourth of July weekend the Glen Cove Police have become aware of telephone scam targeting the Glen Cove community. The scammers claim to be from the State Department and inform the victim that they owe the Department money.  The scammers tell the victim if they do not pay the amount of money requested, the victim will be arrested. The scammer will try to convince the victim they are legitimate and will have Glen Cove Police Chief William Whitton get on the phone with the victim or call the victim back.  The scammer then impersonates Chief Whitton, who verifies that they are speaking to actual agents of the State Department and for them to cooperate fully with their investigation, including paying them or disclosing bank account information.

 Detective Lieutenant John Nagle-

“If you receive this type of phone call or any call that requests money or bank account information do not disclose any personal information to the caller. Hang up the phone and contact the Glen Cove Police Department. These scammers can be very convincing, and their scams can be very elaborate. The tell-tale sign of an attempted scam is the desire to obtain your bank account information or a demand of payment using a pre-paid credit card or girt card.  Last year a very similar scam resulted in a Glen Cove resident losing a significant amount of money because he believed he was speaking to actual State Department agents as well as Chief Whitton.”

 Det.Lt. John Nagle

Police Department

City of Glen Cove,NY