Finance Department


City Controller

Michael Piccirillo

Email: [email protected]

The Mission of the Finance Department is to safeguard and administer the City’s assets and provide comprehensive financial management information on the financial health in support of the mission to maintain the City’s fiscal strength.

The department is composed of five operating areas (Finance, Payroll & Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable.)

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for disbursing and accounting for all operating expenses, inclusive of wages, supplies and services (of approximately $64 million adopted budget). It oversees revenue collections and ensures the accurate accounting of revenues due to the City. Other duties include compiling and issuing the preparation of the Cities annual operating budget and periodic budget projections. The Office also manages the financing of the city’s capital projects including multiple year construction projects and asset acquisitions.

The Finance department safeguards and manages all of the City’s cash assets and investments to maximize interest earnings and minimize risk and reviews all proposed City council resolutions or fiscal impact.

Water Bill Payment

Effective November 1st,  residents City water payments will be sent directly to a lockbox facility to be processed and funds will be deposited immediately.  The lockbox address is as follows:

PO Box 2308
Hicksville, NY 11802-2308

Residents should update their online banking address when submitting water payments to the new PO BOX address.  Residents can continue coming in person to pay the water bills.  This process has eliminated staff workload, and gives the City access to funds immediately.

Payroll Office

Supervises, coordinates and accurately prepares the payroll for all City employees ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, policies and bargaining agreements.

Purchasing Office

The Purchasing Division procures materials, equipment and services at the lowest cost consistent with the quality and suitability required in accordance with the City’s Purchasing Policy and all applicable laws.

Accounts Payable

The Department processes payment to vendors after the service has been rendered, and proper paperwork has been submitted to the Accounts Payable Department. All payments require the approval of the City council. The City council meets twice per month, once approved, checks will be sent out the end of the week. You can email [email protected] to determine if a specific payment is on the warrant.

Real Estate Tax

In response to inquiries from residents,

Effective June 1, 2020

City Hall will be open from Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for tax payments ONLY.

We encourage all to pay their taxes via mail or online. Receipts can be provided upon request.

If you must come in person, facial coverings are mandatory, as well as social distancing.

The entrance to City Hall will only be permitted from the Rear of the building. (M-F, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.)

– Due Dates –

  • First Half City Tax:  Dec. 1 through Jan. 10
  • First Half County Tax: Jan. 1 through Feb.10 - Extended to March 12, 2021
  • Second Half School Tax: Feb.1 through March 1
  • Second Half City Tax: June 1 through July 10
  • Second Half County Tax: July 1 through Aug. 10
  • First Half School Tax: Aug. 1 through Sept. 1

A discount will be provided for City taxes if paid in full during the first time period. All requests for tax information must be in writing and emailed to [email protected] or fax a request to (516) 320-7807 or (516) 759-6791

Frequently Asked Questions