Harbor Patrol

Harbor Patrol


Chief John Testa

76A Shore Road, Glen Cove

Phone: (516) 671-4263

Email: [email protected]

The Harbor Patrol consists of NY State Certified Peace Officers trained at the Nassau County Police Academy and certified by the State Department of Criminal Justice Services. They receive additional in-service training from the Glen Cove Police Department, Nassau County Police Department, the U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies. They patrol 14 miles of shoreline, and 32 square miles of water which include all of Hempstead Harbor, and Long Island Sound from Execution Lighthouse to Peacock Point to the middle of Long Island Sound. Additionally, the Harbor Patrol assists when requested by other agencies. They have responded to Manhattan (9-11), Manhasset Bay, Oyster Bay, New Rochelle NY, Rye NY, Greenwich CT. As Peace Officer, their authority may be extended to anywhere in the state and contiguous areas in times of emergency.

The Harbor Patrol routinely performs search and rescue operations assisting boaters and swimmers in distress. They additionally enforce Federal, State and Local boating and waterways laws, Vehicle and Traffic Laws as pertains to vessel registration, environmental laws as pertains to shell-fishing, fishing and pollution prevention, and perform Immigration and Customs boarding and inspections of foreign flagged vessels. These duties include enforcement of safe boating practices and compliance with the Navigation Law, impaired boater recognition laws, illegal clamming, boat equipment violations and Homeland Security functions.

The Harbor Patrol, in conjunction with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, conducts free boating safety inspections. Please call 671-4263 for appointment or watch for announcements.