City Stadium Improvements

Thank You for Your Participation! Glen Cove Residents Help Plan the Future of John Maccarone Memorial (City) Stadium and Park

Thank you to all the meeting and survey participants for the planning and design of improvements to John Maccarone Memorial (City) Stadium and Park, located on the south-side of Glen Cove Creek. The survey for this project received 476 responses with input on current conditions and draft proposals for short-term and long-term improvements. In addition, 240 people participated in three pop-up outreach events and over 75 people attended an evening Open House at City Hall where residents viewed proposals, discussed the project with City representatives, and offered their thoughts on improvements.

A Project Advisory Committee has also provided input on the project in a series of meetings with the City and its engineering and design team.

The results of public engagement are currently being incorporated into an updated design for short term improvements, which will be the basis for final design and engineering plans which the City will use to solicit bids from contractors to build the City Stadium improvements in the future. A financial analysis is also in progress to determine possible funding scenarios and to prepare the City for future grant opportunities that could help fund construction. Project updates will be provided on this website and presented at Glen Cove Recreation Commission meetings as they become available in the coming months.

Short-term improvements envisioned for City Stadium will include the construction of a new multipurpose field to be used for soccer, football, and lacrosse, new bathrooms and concession areas, and additional and improved parking. This will allow for more recreational opportunities and make it easier to park around the City Stadium grounds. Over 82% of the project survey respondents said they would use or visit the recreation area more as a result of these improvements. Participants of the Open House and pop-up events also expressed strong support for the plan. An area for a future playground, which was noted as something the short-term proposal lacked, is being incorporated into the design of the improvements.

Key aspects of the long-term plan include a new configuration and overall improvement of City Stadium’s fields, a pedestrian esplanade, and a potential indoor recreation facility. Around 89 percent of project survey participants said they would visit the City Stadium area more often if long-term improvements were made.

The results of public engagement have been compiled into a Final Community Outreach Report.

Thanks to a grant provided by the New York State Department of State (under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund), two City of Glen Cove entities – the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Community Development Agency – are leading this planning effort.

For more information, please contact Glen Cove Parks and Recreation at (516) 676-3766 or [email protected].

Public outreach and engagement for this project was conducted with funds provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.