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Glen Cove Ferry



The originally scheduled launch date of Spring 2020 was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, the pandemic caused a severe decline in the number of commuters to Manhattan.

The City of Glen Cove is closely monitoring the number of commuters to Manhattan with the intention to launch the ferry service when the demand for prospective commuter service is warranted to ensure that the operating cost is sustainable. We launched a survey in the Fall of 2022 to help us make this determination. The results of the survey indicated that there is a modest demand for ridership of a commuter ferry service to Manhattan; however, most respondents remain working on a hybrid schedule.

In consultation with the City Council, the Mayor’s Office will continue to monitor the environment for the potential launch of a Pilot (exploratory) service and updates will be announced accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in the Glen Cove Ferry.

Glen Cove Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal lies on part of 56 acres of land along the waterfront redevelopment site. With the help of federal, state and county agencies, as well as our incredibly supportive elected officials, and our redevelopment partner, RXR Realty, the City of Glen Cove has been able to completely remediate this portion of Glen Cove Creek, and it is now ready to support new residential and commercial use.

Project Overview

The Glen Cove Ferry Terminal and Boat Basin is a federally funded project involving the design and construction of a ferry terminal building, marine and waterside improvements, public access, pedestrian spaces and a parking facility.  The goal of this project has been to create a great public amenity for the City of Glen Cove that links the City to the regional marketplace, removes cars from the regional roadway system and establishes a unique public realm on the waterfront that serves to anchor the redevelopment of the area.  The long range goal is to attract recreational visitors to Glen Cove as we redevelop our waterfront and downtown.

This new ferry service will link commuters and tourists from Long Island to New York City with the possibility of future Long Island Sound destinations.  New opportunities for tourism, entertainment and recreation will be available to those who visit our City as well as those North Shore residents who want to avoid traveling through the traffic congested corridors to Manhattan.  Not only will the ferry be a regional transportation reliever, it will bring about an economic boost, create jobs and improve transportation linkages to and from downtown Glen Cove.

A strategic element in the multi-modal transit development along the waterfront, this new ferry service will have the long term potential of ferrying approximately 1,600 passengers each weekday, reducing up to 48,000 vehicle miles traveled each commuting day and leading to better environmental air quality.  The Glen Cove Ferry Terminal and Boat Basin is an environmentally friendly project, utilizing green building technologies, running on natural gas or clean diesel, and reducing auto emissions and vehicular demand on local roads.

The City of Glen Cove is proud that the Ferry Project won the Transportation Choices Award from Vision Long Island and has been recognized for its creative revitalization of a federal superfund site into an energy efficient commuter service.  Vision Long Island has lauded the project for its regional significance.

The project is a landmark in the public transportation facility design, with a ferry terminal that can be used for public events, a dramatic landscaped waterfront space, and the incorporation of the most progressive sustainable and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.  It also takes into consideration alternative clean fuels and high speed ferries.

The Ferry Project is part of Glen Cove’s commitment to revitalizing the waterfront.  After years of remediation efforts, this area is on the cusp of redevelopment.  In partnership with RXR Glen Isle, the redevelopment will include 1,110 residential units (includes 10% workforce housing); 25,000 square foot retail/restaurant/cultural space; 50,000 square feet of commercial office space; 85 new boat slips; and nearly 28 acres of accessible public open space of which 22.5 acres create a necklace of waterfront parks with an esplanade connecting the project to our downtown.

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Glen Cove Ferry Terminal

73 Garvies Point Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542

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