Recreation Commission

The City of Glen Cove Recreation Commission was established in 1944 and functions as an advisory board to the Parks & Recreation Department.  The goals of the Recreation Commission are:

  • To oversee and promote the City’s assets, that falls under the responsibility of the Parks & Recreation Department;
  • To ensure that the City’s recreational facilities are being used in a fair and equitable fashion;
  • Where openings exist, seek to maximize revenue stream by seeking additional outside groups to utilize City recreational facilities;
  • Where feasible, streamline operations of user groups by combining services and working in a cooperative manner;
  • Develop, implement and enforce a User Agreement for all entities utilizing City facilities and resources to run their programs;
  • To review the budgets and fee structures for all leagues and entities utilizing City assets that have User Agreements (non-rentals) in an effort to ensure that all fees being charged to the public are fair, reasonable and affordable;
  • To periodically review the City of Glen Cove fee schedule as it pertains to Parks & Recreation Department facility and program fees;
  • Improve upon the programs that are currently available to residents and youth of neighboring communities;
  • Explore and develop the resources needed to improve upon the current Parks & Recreation assets and attempt to expand the quality and quantity of the facilities.

Commission Chair

Debbie Patino


Tom Hopke



Steven Tripp



Brian Simmons


junior football liaison

David Huggins

Junior Soccer Liaison

Marty Shannon

Junior Lacrosse Liaison

Brian Fugazy

Jr. Baseball / Softball Liaison

Kim Kessel