Recycling information

July 15, 2022
Recycle information:
We are so lucky to have an energetic, hard-working group of men picking up our recyclables. They do their work professionally and diligently and enjoy their work. They are a great, up-beat team doing a wonderful job with a positive attitude.
Please help us help them by following the rules regarding the size and weight of the recycle bins.

Recycle container size should be 32 gallons or less.  The weight limit is 75 lbs. [Our workers have had wrist and back injuries from lifting over-weight bins.]
Please avoid over-flow in containers. If the contents do not fit into a bin, please use a second bin or a clear plastic bag.

More to follow: a condensed list of allowable recyclables. Also, please see ‘Sanitation & Recycling” under Public Works Department on the City Website.

As usual, your help is immensely appreciated!