School Bus camera program launches in Glen Cove!

At a press conference on Thursday, with school parents in attendance, Mayor Panzenbeck announced the launch of ‘BusPatrol’, the school bus camera program in Glen Cove!

After a 30-day warning period that begins mid-November, the program will go live in December for drivers who ignore the extended bus stop arm and blinking red lights on school buses.

A first offense fine will be a $250 ticket; a second offense $275; and a third offense $300.

Mayor Panzenbeck emphasized that this program is “really not about revenue—it’s really about safety”.  “Our precious children are really our most valuable asset.”

School officials and our Glen Cove Police Department give their full support. Chief William Whitton remarked “what we want to do is change driver behavior because ultimately the goal here is to keep our roadways safe”.